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Dr. Patrick Magnino Prino : from Turin to London for the group DATACORP TECHNOLOGY

December 11
09:32 2013

There are those who have a dream and who has a drawer. Then there are those who dream as too big a project for a ” drawer ” as Turin. And this is the case of Patrick Magnino Prino Torinese of 33 years who , despite his age ( ” too young ” for Italy ) , is now chairman of the board of directors and majority shareholder of the group Datacorp Technology , a company services , aerospace and defense, business services , hosting and marketing based in London, but with various subsidiaries, already active , all over the world.

But let’s start from the beginning. ” I have lived in Turin until the high school years ,” says Magnino . “I studied in the UK and soon after I left London to go in the direction of Milan .” With a Doctorate in Business Menager , Magnino Prino left the capital of Lombardy in the city before moving to London to study, then across the border , the first to greet him was in Riga, Latvia , and then London , where he founded the Datacorp Technology. And his dream has become true size (and international) .

The project sees her bound together inseparably , his interests ever: Economics , Technology , Research and Innovation . So he created a service company that drew strength from the integrated management and supply of various professional , all united under a single brand and placed at the service of those companies – mainly small and medium-sized enterprises –

The project began to take shape in 2004, in Latvia , in the long wave of the ” big move ” that was being created in the East soon joined the European Community . That ‘s where Magnino began working as an intermediary between investors / entrepreneurs of old Europe and the local communities, primarily in the industrial sector .

Project that in 2011 he moved to London and materialized under the banner Datacorp Technology , taking an ” international ” and structuring into four distinct areas ( the “Corporate “, ” Aerospace & Defense “, ” Marketing “, ” Hosting” ) but also serving customers .

Magnino now Chairman of the Board of Directors of DATACORP TECHNOLOGY, runs his own company in Turin and London :


Shelton Street 71-75
Covent Garden
LONDON +44 2035298641
ITALY +39 01211976299

Media Contact
Contact Person: Covent Garden
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 2035298641
Country: United Kingdom



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